Saturday, May 30, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009151

Wow, my list has really gotten SHORT! I only had two "carry over" tasks, and one will probably be carried over until the very last minute.

1) Go to Farmers Market take earring for repair. There is a wonderful vendor that sells jewelery made from the dried acrylic from her paint palette. She has an Etsy shop too Art Parts by Sandy. I bought a pair of earrings for myself for Mother's Day, and the hook had come off. Now I knew I could probably fix it, but I wanted to make sure it was done right, so I brought it back to Sandy! She was great, apologized for my trouble, fixed the earring, and gave me a handpainted pouch! This picture is from Sandy's Etsy store, and look very much like my earrings. I love the colors, and in particular that they have amethyst (my birthstone). If you like unique jewelery, or need a unique gift of jewelery, check her out!

Tara got a fork bracelet today, I found this photo on line,but not made by the same guy, and my mom got an angel pin made from the design ends off the silverware. I will have to take a picture of that. Tara has wanted this bracelet since the 1st week we went to the Farmer's Market, but we had already spent too much. The vendor is Argyle Gifts. She also got her favorite hand made bath fizzies from Coconut Clean, she was given a 3 pack as a parting gift! That was so very nice of him.

It was so hot and sticky by 10:30 this morning, we decided to head home, but not after a quick trip to, you guessed it Goodwill.
2) Trip to Goodwill. I was thinking it might be my last one, but I found some things I forgot, and have already added to them.

The rest of the day was spent "puttering" around, collecting odds and ends of things around the house. I went through one more box of Tara's stuff collected from my bedroom. It is just a matter now of getting all the little things around the house put into boxes, or if insignificant, trashed.

I will need one more trip to Goodwill with some things I forgot, but we are really almost ready!!!

I need to go reserve a truck (they make you pay for FIVE days for a trip of our distance, even if you don't need it that long. I think at the most I will need it four. I hope to get packed by early afternoon Tuesday, (all the boxes are gathered in one area, so grabbing two or three at a time on a hand truck will be easy, and I don't see us having more than 30 boxes), and we have only 5 pieces of furniture that I can't load, thus the "rent-a-movers" I have hired! I'd love to get 8 or 9 (or more) hours of driving in on Wednesday, and then complete the trip on Thursday, arriving home a day earlier!

I have to say, I miss Maia and Daphne, but the house is so much calmer! Maia is a ball of energy, and some days a bit much. I think Princess is loving being an only dog. I have to hope that they found great homes already this weekend. I don't have the "strength" to go check on them.....

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