Monday, June 1, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009152

It really is happening, we are almost there. We have been wanting this for two years now, and it is just three days away. We will be on our way to PA! Back to family and friends we have missed so much over the past 6 years. Yes, there were visits, phone calls, and emails, but their is nothing like being close enough to go grab a cup of coffee, or for a hug, or to celebrate all of the special occasions we've been missing out on!

Sunday was productive, yet not stressful. I am to the point of just the little stuff.
Mom headed to church, and Princess rode along. I think she is enjoying being an "only" dog. I do miss Maia and Daphne, but the house is much calmer. We tried to go to UHAUL to buy a box for Tara's Cinderella Castle that still needs to be packed, but everyone in East Orlando must have moved over the weekend, we could not get near the place. I'm glad we are moving mid-week!

Next we headed to the car wash, there was bird "poop" on Tara's window. I like the little car washes that you drive into, but the car just sits there and the machine moves. It does not touch your car. It might not get 100% of the dirt, but it is good for those quick interim washes. I am not sure if Princess liked it or not!

After the carwash, I stopped for my morning energy. This time at Dunkin' Donuts

We stopped home, and dropped off Princess, and then soon it was time to go pick Mom up at church.
Once home, we set to the task of more gathering and packing of the little stuff. Consolidating more boxes, getting rid of more stuff when given a second glance. Most of the day was spent doing this, with some breaks for a few quick games of Bejeweled Blitz, etc.
Tara played in the pool a bit, and saw this in the sky. She made sure she told me it was there so I could take a picture!

Speaking up UP. We took a much needed relaxation break and went to see UP 3D last night. It was a great movie, but a little sad to realize it will most likely be our last movie at that theater. We have seen so many movies there over the past 6 years! Lots of fun times and good memories!

By the end of the day, this is what the "staging area" looked like!

Can you believe this is mostly stuffed animals? Build-A-Bears, etc, plus there are two boxes of Webkinz in the other pile! We got rid of lots of stuffed animals too! The wooden bench goes (it was my grandmother's) but not the palm!

That is almost all my worldly possesions in one room of the house! There are probably 10 more boxes (clothes, kitchens, odds and ends), a bike, Christmas tree, TV, big desk, dresser daybed and mattress, and computer yet to be added to the "pile"!

Monday I should be able to tie up the loose ends. It is trash day, so more stuff to the curb, another load to Goodwill (I think will be the last). I also need to go reserve a truck!

I would love to head to Downtown Disney for our last Disney experience, but I have a feeling that might be pushing things a bit!

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