Sunday, June 2, 2013

Homecoming Anniversary

Funny! I started writing this blog post one year ago today, on 3rd anniversary of our arrival back home in PA! Obviously, I never posted it!

Today, I find myself sitting at home on a relaxing Sunday morning, working on my other blogs and I thought I would come here. I then realized that it was once again June 2nd!

How different the weather was on that day in 2009 when we arrived to our new home on a Thursday evening after a long day of travel from South Carolina! That journey had begun the day before with my mother, Tara, three cats, a dog and a guinea pig! It was rainy and chilly when we arrived home!

Today it is sunny and a rather beautiful morning, after 3 VERY hot days for May.

Life has changed in many ways. The dog, guinea pig and one of the cats that made the journey with us have gone across the Rainbow Bridge. The other cat, Emmie, is still living happy and healthy with the new family she joined as we could not keep four pets here! We now have two cats and a guinea pig.

RIP my sweet girl - Crossed the Rainbow Briday 1/27/2013

Kovu - still healthy and much happier than in this photo! Enjoying (at times) his new brother Jack!

Cassie (on the left) crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Nov '12. Emmie is still living happily with the Stewarts!
Jack - new kitty. He joined our family the day after my birthday on 2/23/2013. We adopted him from the SPCA.

Oliver passed away early in June '12. He was the best guinea pig. I miss his cuteness!
Beau the Guinea Pig - It is hard to photograph an all black (except for his white foot) GP!
 Tara has grown from a twelve year old pre-teen to a full fledged sixteen year old teen ager. It's been difficult year with some issues that we are working on. School has never come easy to Tara and now I think I may have missed some signs early on that might have been able to avoid the point we are at now.
Tara then - June '12
Tara now - 16 (her hair is now blonde and shorter)

I came to PA a retiree from AT&T, and now I have 3 1/2 years of work history in retail with Walgreens as a Sr Beauty Advisor. I never thought I would like retail, but I have come to really enjoy my job. I love the merchandising and 99% of the customers. My work family is just that a family. We are a little dysfunctional,bbut in the end, we've got each others backs and really do care about one another!

My mom is still doing well, she's 32 days from turning 89!
Mom - Christmas Eve 2012
Do we miss Florida? Yes, sometimes! Especially Disney. The first year not so much, but every year there after a little bit more! We need to plan a trip, but working retail does not pay what AT&T paid! We are not very good savers!

Like the song from the old sitcom says: You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have.. the facts of life!

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Life, the Facts of Life.