Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

If you haven't heard yet, the mid-Atlantic region was hit with two snow storms in 5 days.  These two storms dropped significant amounts of snow on us, in total probably close to 32".

1st Storm Friday/Saturday - I worked both of these days, driving home about 2 hours after the storm had started on Friday night, and driving in a couple hours after it had stopped on Saturday.  Sunday we had a birthday party, and I was dealing with a sick dog, so I didn't get too many photos.

This one was taken after the storm had moved out Saturday.  I was at work and had only my IPhone, so not the greatest photo, but the colors were too spectacular not to capture.

2nd Storm - Started about 7pm 2/9 and stopped around 10pm 2/10.  The first photos were Wednesday morning before the worst part of the storm arrived.  Tara and I went for a walk.

These sunny photos were taken this (Thursday) afternoon.  Our maintenance guys do a really great job of cleaning things up. There is a lot of snow, a lot of parking lot/sidewalk, and really only 4 guys.  My car above is the white one on the right, my mom's is the big pile of snow two cars behind it.  I got it dug out, and Jamal, our neighbor's awesome teenage son had already dug out mine.  It really was a beautiful day, and I actually enjoyed being outside!  Below is the giant 10 ft snowman that some of the residents built!

We took a little drive through town.  

Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Adventures

Winter weather and a new routine including work has precluded any new adventures!  Will update as soon as I have something worthwhile to post!