Friday, June 5, 2009

Car Trek - Day Two of Road Trip

Statistic for the day
550 miles driven
9:15am - 8:30pm
Total miles for two day 1,018.

After getting a few hours of sleep at the Motel 6 in Florence SC, we grabbed some cereal and iced coffee, and were on our way around 9:15. I wanted to try and make it all way to PA on this day, but I knew it was going to mean a long day on the road!

Before we headed out I had taken Princess for a walk, and saw flowers and a dragon fly. The Motel 6 was nothing fancy, but provided a hot shower, and a comfy place to rest my head! They accept pets and that was our main goal for the night! It was also very convenient to the exit from 95!

Once in the car it took the animals a bit to get settled again. Cassie who was very quiet the first day, was a bit more restless. Princess, would settle for a bit, and then start to whine. Never sure if she needed to go or was just whining, I found myself stopping about every two hours even if just long enough to get her out to go potty!
Of course, no trip up (or down) I-95 is complete without all of the South of the Border signs! I tried to get as many as possible, and of course going 70 mph, they are not always the best!

We motored along, Tara watched ALF, and at one point Tara and all of the animals were asleep. At some point we stopped at a rest area or two for health breaks all around.

Then we arrived in Virginia at 12:36.

Lunch was Subway, at 1:15

Then we crossed this cool bridge at around 2pm.

Not a great picture again, but driving in traffic at 60+mph limits that amount of attention that can be paid to ones photography. The building you can see in the center of the picture is the USMC Museum in Triangle VA. It was an impressive sight from the highway!

Shortly after this we starting running into rain showers, and they pretty much stayed with us all the way to PA.
When we got to the Springfield area, I was amazed at all of the new roadway. That used to be such a bottleneck of traffic, but we breezed right through. We also crossed the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, and then it happened TRAFFIC. Afternoon traffic on the outer loop! We never really sat still, but we moved slowly. We started looking for all the different states we could find on license plates. We did pretty well in a short amount of time, considering we were stuck in basically the same crowd of vehicles. At one point we had 17. (I need to find Mom's notekeeping envelope for all of the mileage, times, etc for the trip!)

I really don't have too many pictures for the rest of the trip, the weather was too bad, and the traffic to heavy to be distracted by the camera! (Safety First!)
I did get a picture in the Ft McKinley tunnel (Tara was not happy about going UNDERWATER) and when we entered Delaware at 7:27, and PA at 7:52pm. From here we headed up the Blue Route, the the North East Extension of the PA turnpike, exciting at Lansdale, and then headed to our new home! No fanfare or pictures, too tired, too rainy!

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