Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Trip to the Movies, and tidbits from around home

This past week we did not get out for much exploring, instead we took care of "business" at home! I am hoping this week will be different, I have a couple things in mind!

Saturday we did make an appearance at my cousin Dean's oldest daughter's graduation party. It was a very big party, which was quite overwhelming to Tara who knew no one (even people that remember her, she does not remember since she has not seen most of them in 5 or more years!). Also, I found myself overwhelmed having to re-explain my raspy voice to each person I spoke too (I have a paralyzed vocal cord, which happened since I was last home!). I did see several of my cousins, some of their children (and even grand children!), and two of my aunts. I got to have a piece of tomato pie which I have been wanting since we returned to PA. I did not however get any photos, there were just too many people. Hopefully we will have a more intimate family gathering in the near future!

Sunday, Tara and I ventured out to the movies. Originally she wanted to see Star Trek for the 5th time, but instead we went to see Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell. This movie was pointlessly funny in true Will Ferrell style. You know going in it is going to be bad, but it still makes you laugh! I could have done without it, and in retrospect probably should have spent the money on Star Trek for the 5th time, but Tara was entertained. Some of the humor and language was a bit PG-13, but I know my child can handle it! ("Oh that is just so WRONG", "Tell me when I can look", etc).

I did however enjoy our drive to the theater. We like Regal theaters, and were very SPOILED by a 22 theater complex just a quick 5 minute drive from home in FL. Here, the closest theaters are older theaters with less comfy seats, etc. With that in mind we headed out to the Barn 14 in Doylestown. Part of the route to Doylestown were roads I had driven each and every day for 3 years when I commuted to Bedminster, NJ every day, so it was nice to "revisit" and see what had changed.
On the way home I ventured an even different route, and along the way I saw three what I believe were donkey/mule statues. Each painted differently. When I saw the first one, I didn't think anything of it, and then I saw another (pictured here) and then another (couldn't get it's picture). These were all in the Rt 611/313 vicinity in Doylestown. I have come to find out these are from a project in 2003, called Miles of Mules exhibit from 2003, associated with the James A. Michener Art Museum. There were 170 mules throughout several PA counties. I am going to have to do more research to see where any of these might still be found! If nothing else, I will have to get pictures of the other two, and a better one of the one below. I was stopped at a traffic light!

After dinner, we brought Oliver the guinea pig out on the patio so we could clean his cage. He had fun exploring, and Princess had fun watching him! At one point she had him trapped in his house, and he was not too happy with her. He kept trying to nip her nose! I think Princess thought she was keeping him safe since we had him out of his cage. She would "baby sit" the piggies for hours when we had all six of them and the babies were little!

Speaking of babies, I have been watching the Robin's nest above our front door since we moved in, and finally we have babies!

Finally as the sun was starting to set, we decided to head back inside. It was a beautiful evening to be on the patio. I have to get a small table for out there, so I can do my blogging from there! It is always shaded, so no sun glare on the screen!

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