Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Around Town

After our day in Philly on Friday, the rest of our weekend was pretty quiet. We spent some time at church, which was celebrating it's 50th anniversary. There was a carnival on Saturday (I forgot my memory card) and on Sunday they had a beautiful service and a catered "picnic" type lunch in the fellowship hall. I enjoyed reconnecting with church "folk" many I have known since I was a child!

Monday, Tara and I spent the afternoon with my friend Leslie. Leslie owns Tranquility Life Spa and Hair Design, in Hatfield, PA. I had gotten a hair cut on Saturday, but went on Monday for some skin care and a make over with the awesome makeup line that Leslie sells. I felt so pampered when we left, and with a bag full of new make up goodies, I am no longer going to dread the morning make up application! Tara got pampered as well with a hair wash, dry and trim! The salon is quaint and small which I have always loved. Leslie not only wants to care for your outward self, but she wants to make sure you feel good on the inside too! If all works out I will be doing some work for Leslie and Steve in the way of helping them to market the salon.

We also stopped by Freddy Hill Farms. I grew up right next to the farm, and spent a great deal of time playing there with the Seipt family children. Like me they are all grown with families of their own, many of whom work on the farm. In the 1970s they added a dairy store where they sold the milk from their cows that was processed and packaged(in plastic bags at the time)on site. They also sold ice cream. It was a frequent stop for a summer (and winter - egg nog and peppermint stick ice creams) treat. Through the years, both my brothers worked on the farm, my sister Linda was active in 4-H with a prize winning cow, Helena, that was owned by the Seipt's, and at one point in time, my mother even worked in the ice cream parlor! The farm holds an awesome Fall Festival each weekend in October, with hayrides, corn stalk mazes, and so much more. During the 90s, they added two miniature golf courses, batting cages, and driving ranges, as part of their entertainment center. I think it is awesome that they were able to make this step which I would guess has enabled then to keep Freddy Hill Farms as a working farm, and quite a bit of local property undeveloped!
The plaque at the bottom is in memory of my brother Robin.


Martha said...

Peace and Blessings to your Brother, gone too soon. His sacrifice and that of your family are not and will Never be forgotten.

CTG Ponies said...

How nice that you have been able to return to your childhood roots.