Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009154 - The Final Day

Today was our final full day in Orlando, and tonight, is the last night we will be sleeping here. All of the major stuff was done, but there still was so much little stuff to do. I spent a good four hours away from the house again today which didn't help in getting things done around the house. God Bless my mom, she worked hard on packing up the kitchen. We had gotten rid of a good bit of kitchen stuff, but still needed pots, pans, utensils, plates, cups, etc. for the past few days.

I am overwhelmed by the "stuff". I have said it before, but it really is overwhelming. Little things that you may or may not need, but if you do, do you really want to go out and buy it again when you just threw it out? I am at that point though!

I had to use the loaner car (a perfectly nice 2008 Kia Sedona, but not for me!) to do my running today. We headed out to Comcast on the other side of town to return our cable boxes. We just have basic cable now, and more than one I have tried to rewind to listen to something I missed! It does not work! The Kia probably has the cleanest windshield in town, every time I would shift into park or reverse, etc., I would pull the windshield washer lever, as that is were my gear shift is in our vehicle. The Kia has it on the center console.

I did get a picture that I have been trying to get for weeks, you will have to go to my Photo Blog to see what that is!

We made a stop at a Hallmark store, and Tara was very happy to find the Webkinz she has been waiting for.

After that, we stopped at AAA to pick up a couple of books and maps, in case the internet fails me while on the road if (when) we need to find a place to rest for a bit.

I was hoping that I would hear that our vehicle was done, as we were in the general area, but our service advisor was out to lunch until noon. Tara and I headed over there and had lunch at Cracker Barrel. Of course, once lunch was done the vehicle was not ready, so we headed home.
After I sat and regrouped for a bit, I decided I would load the LAST load of stuff for Goodwill. I was not sure if it would fit but it did. I was able to make the drive there by myself which was refreshing to be alone, and quiet for 40 minutes or so.

On the way home from their, I got the call that our vehicle was ready. I had realized that my wallet was not in my purse, I had taken it out to put my new insurance card in, and didn't put it back in my purse. I headed to home for my wallet and Tara. I am so afraid that I will lose my DL or insurance card and won't be able to rent the truck tomorrow. I have them both safe and sound. I did however lose my extra set of car keys, and had that replaced today at quite a hefty price. I am sure I will find the other spare, but I did not want to be traveling with only one key!

We stopped and picked up Bacon Ranch salads for dinner, and I got back down to business. Still trying to consolidate boxes. Some smaller boxes where dumped into bigger boxes, or whole small boxes were placed in bigger boxes. I am trying to have as few individual pieces as possible! It is still alot. I would have hated to see what it would be like if we lived her longer, of with more family members!

Take it from me, if you have even the remotest chance that you will be moving from you current location, and you have not recently had a "clean sweep", do yourself a favor, and spend some time sorting, tossing and donating!

I had best get the pictures for today uploaded to this and get back to the last of the odds and ends.
This is my life, not as organized as other photos, I was trying to separate what needs to go into our new home, and what can go to storage for the time being. I would have loved to just started stacking them up outside, but didn't think that was such a good idea overnight! In addition to what is pictured, I have 1 big desk, one small kitchen table with 3 chairs, a 42" TV, two smaller TVs, a twin mattress and daybed (it can be taken apart so takes up little room), a dresser, Christmas tree, riding saddle and two bikes. I hope it all fits in the truck!!!

My neighbor is taking me to UHAUL at 7am. The junk guy could be here as early as 8:30, and at that time the family room furniture and matress and box spring from the master bedroom will be taken out of here. The moving helpers should be here between 9 & 9:30 for their 2 hours, and Jason (my driver) will be here between 10-11 to help load stuff as well.

I keep telling Tara that she WILL be inconvenienced tomorrow. She has not been the best partner in this move. Very reluctant to help, but for the most part staying out of the way! Again, I thank God for my mom (in so many ways, not just this!)

I'm hoping we can be on our way between 1 and 2pm.

There might not be an updated for tomorrow, don't know what exactly we are doing, where we might be stopping, or how exhausted I will be!

This is a final photo taken at our town center. I love the entrance to the town center, very Florida, and today there was a very dark Florida afternoon storm cloud!

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