Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Peddler's Village, Lahasaka, PA

Peddler's Village has been a long time favorite spot of mine, even as a teen I remember going there with my parents. There used to be a Swedish store there where you could get amazing, hand painted clogs, I can still envision a pair of black clogs with beautifully hand painted red and yellow flowers! I still have a orange Swedish Dala horse I got there as well. It is on my "My favorite thing shelf". I digress.

Lahasaka has changed over the years to also include outlet shopping on the "other" side of the road!

Our trip to PV yesterday was mainly for the drive, and to visit "Giggleberry Farms" and the carousel. I knew that with Tara, my window shopping in all of the little stores would be limited, so I went with no expectations of that!

I did however make a coupe FABULOUS PHOTO FINDS, but I will get to that in a separate post!

First, we made a little "side" trip through the toll and across the Delaware River, just because, we could! Tara loves that we can so quickly be in a different state. When you live in FL, unless you live in the northern part, it takes forever to get out of the state. We can be in NJ in several different directions in about 30 miles! I used to make this drive every day for three years when I commuted to Bridgewater every day!
Then it was back to PV and Giggleberry Farms!

The first thing you see when you walk in the door is the grand Carousel. The carousel was originally built by the Philadelphia Tobaggon Comany in 1922, and has been fully restored. The space that it is housed is not large, and is glass all around so not the easiest to photograph. I tried to get some "blur" photos as well. I rode with Tara one time, it goes pretty fast, and I don't do well on rides. Needless to say, it was a good thing she went off to play in Giggleberry Mountain, so I could sit and regain my equilibrium! I am a wimp!

Click on the collage to see larger images.
They have created an area similar to "Chuck E Cheese" here in PV. Giggleberry Mountain is a huge indoor obstacle course for climbing and sliding and much more. I did not see it first hand, as I did not want to pay the admission. Tara had a great time, and burned off some energy! She said it was fun, and would like to go back with a friend or her cousins. They have 50% off on Friday evenings (I'm guessing PV is more of an adult place on a Friday night, dinner, shopping), so we might just do that!

They also have a game room, and Tara and I had fun with $10 worth of tokens. You can get pizza, hot dogs, etc as well. There is also another section, Discovery Land, which is a hands on interactive area. Although it was inlcuded in Tara's activity pass, we FORGOT to go in!

We then headed out to go home, but made a quick stop in the toy store, pottery shop and I took a quick peek, and a deep breath in the coffee shop.

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You can visit the photos from the day here as well since I choose to include collages today!

I hope to get back to PV some time soon with a friend, who likes to window shop. Many of my favorite stores are still there and I would like to revisit them, and have a nice lunch at one of the great restaurants!


James said...

Looks like a pretty cool place and I bet the drive is nice too.

I love the picture of Tara going into the "Rockin jackpot" time machine. :-) Well it does remind me of a time machine and I here that kids grow up so fast that it seems like they us them.

Have a great day!

Joanie M said...

A few places you could check out... Peace Valley Park in Chalfont. It's just lovely! Pack a picnic and you can walk a dog, ride a bike, take a walk, rent a sailboat or kayak or a canoe.

There's a bigger Regal Cinema (22 screens)in Warrington Crossing in Horsham, on 611, across from Willow Grove Naval Air Station.

Speaking of the Naval Air Station, there's a little museum near the cinema with lots of cool stuff a boy might like. Lots of planes and choppers and flight suits, etc. and it's free! I can't remember the name of it, but it's on the grounds of the air station on 611 and there are a lot of aircraft outside.