Monday, June 1, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009153

Wow, only two more nights to sleep in this house! At one point I thought the day would never get here, and then last week, I did not think I would survive the preparations, and now, as the big day draws near, I am READY, and for the most part rested and unstressed.

I got off to a good start this morning. I awoke at 5:30am on my own, after a good nights sleep. Gosh, I love Maia our Yorkie, but looking back, I think she was part of the reason I did not sleep well. I made the mistake of not having her in a crate at night, and she was cat like in the sense that she wandered, and was in tune to every little noise outside. She also liked being up around 4:30 many mornings! I miss her silly, over excitable personality, but the house is much calmer. I think Princess might have barked once all day today!

Anyway, once I was up, I was able to spend some tweeting and blogging time. I got the trash to the curb, cleaned the guinea pig cage (he's being downsized too, at least for the trip) and went through a couple small boxes of odds and ends.

Around 9:30am, I decided to head out to Goodwill (yes, again) and UHAUL, while I waited for CARMAX to call to tell me they FINALLY had the right part for my sunroof. Goodwill must have had a a big weekend/early Monday morning, being it was the 1st of the month, as they had no yellow carts to get the stuff from my car to the building, so today I just had to stack it outside. Here is what I took today!

Then it was a stop at UHAUL. I needed a box and to put in my reservation for the truck on Wednesday. That is all taken care of, and I get to pick the truck up around 7am on Wednesday. 1800GOTJUNK is scheduled between 8:30-10:30, and the moving helpers are due between 9:00 - 9:30. Jason, who will be driving the truck to PA, will be over to help load as well! He is excited about the trip! I'm glad, as he is really helping me out.

While I was making these stops, Tara and Princess were watching the "Ugly Dachsund". I don't know why, but I really like driving and listening to movies, especially if they are movies that I know, so I can picture what is going on in my head! I think everyone will be very comfortable for the drive!

We then headed to pick up a ceramic piece that Tara painted last weekend, you can go HERE, to see the before picture. Here is the after, it turned out great. This was another sad moment, saying good bye to our friends at Painted by Hue, we had lots of fun over the past couple of years there, and we have lots of ceramic pieces to show for it!

It was then time to come home. I called CARMAX when got home, and my part was in, so I was to head there around 1:30. We grabbed some lunch, I went through another box of "stuff" from my desk, and then it was time to go. My part was installed promptly, and we were headed out when I remembered that the carpet under the floor mat had been wet on the passenger side. I had meant to tell them about it, although it had dried out on Sunday after I lifted the mat. They diagnosed the issue right away (an AC drain line that was clogged), but knew that it would not be completed by closing time, and they know they I am under a time crunch, and offered me a loaner vehicle. After a few minutes of waiting for the car and the paper work to be completed, we were on our way home in a Kia mini van (I forget the model). I do not like it as much as my mini van, but it is only for a day.

We finally got home, the wind out of my sails! I relaxed for a few, and the made dinner (chicken, couscous and fresh tomatoes), and then got back to packing. Except for the things around the house that we are using and some kitchen stuff we are DONE!

I thought I had made my last trip to Goodwill, but I found a few more things today, so there will be another trip there tomorrow.

I also have to go to COMCAST (all the way on the other side of "town"), and will have to go back and pick up my car. I still have things to mail (the last thing from my list of tasks), so hopefully I will have a chance to get to the PO after I pick up my car.

Dinner tomorrow night will be take out/delivery/or eating out, as we have just about used up everything we need to in the fridge.

I can't wait to have this part of the "journey" completed, so I can start sharing fun stuff on the road trip and once we get back home! There is so much there I can't wait to see again after FOUR years!

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