Friday, June 26, 2009

Gwynedd Square Presbyterian Church

On Tuesday, I went to church with my mother to help put the church newsletter together for mailing. This is something that she helps with each month. I think it is awesome that at almost 85 (on July 4th), she still stays active with things like this. I enjoyed the time, knowing that I was helping out, and filling the spot of one of the ladies who was not able to come.

I spent some time "reconnecting" with the church using my camera!

I grew up in this church, and attended very regularly for many years. I even sang in the choir. When I married, became a mom, and then divorced, I didn't feel like I "fit" with the membership of this particular church, so I attended another church, and slowly drifted away from attending all together. My mother has remained active, and kept me up to date on church news. I even "bonded" a bit through email with Pastor Dave during my mother's hospitalizations a couple years ago. Once again, I feel "at home" in this church. We will see if it is a good fit for both Tara and I. I hope it is. She will be attending VBS next week.

The following photos are some of the photos I took. You can see the others HERE.

This photo shows the original section of the church, there have been two additions over the years.

This cross hung over the pulpit in the original sanctuary.

This is the stained glass in the original part of the church.

This is a view of a wall of crosses that were lent to the church by members in celebration of the 50th anniversary that was just celebrated.

Stained glass window and organ pipes in the new sanctuary.

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maryt/theteach said...

Martha, what a gorgeously decorated church. That's the tallest stained glass window I've ever seen! :)