Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Car Trek - Day One of Road Trip

Statistics - 468 miles
2:15 - 11:15pm - 9 hours

After the delayed arrival of the movers I had hired, we still were on the road before 3pm. 2:45 to be exact. I had hoped to be on our way by about 1pm, but this was not too bad. Just a few minutes from home it started to rain, and we drove through hard downpouring, road flooding rain.
This is Jason pulling away from the house with all of my worldly possesions. We would met up with him only once along the way when I had to give him more funds for gas! He drove pretty much straight through and arrived to his parent's home with Nemo his cat late morning on Thursday.

Traffic was very good once we got on I95, and it continued to be that way for some time, until we hit the Jacksonville area. The cats were all left out of their carriers and they calmed down pretty quickly. Princess on the other hand took some time. At one point I had to get off an exit to find some GRASS were she could "go". She really didn't have to!

I didn't take too many photos on this leg of the journey. I was exhausted, and I wanted to concentrate on driving. Tara decided she would watch ALF, which continued the entire trip (We had two seasons with us!)

We made grabbed dinner at a McDs drive thru, and we drove on until approximately 11:00 when we arrived in Florence SC, and got a room at a Motel 6. We got all the animals in the room, as would be expected they were all very confused, but everyone settled in nicely for a good rest! I took a MUCH NEEDED shower and felt a little more human.

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