Tuesday, June 9, 2009

North Penn HS Viet Nam "Memorial Grove"

(that's my name for it, don't know that it has an official title!)
This small monument sits at the corner of E Hancock St and Church St, in Lansdale, PA, and I would venture to guess, very few people even know that it is there, or the reason it is there. Since Memorial Day just passed there are flags and a wreath, that makes this memorial a little more noticeable.

This was one of the first things I wanted to visit once I got back home. It memorializes my brother Robin Miller, and 13 other alumni of North Penn High School that were killed in Viet Nam.

There is also a grove of trees, each one dedicated to one of the fallen soldiers. The marker was dedicated 15 years ago, and I attended that ceremony, and would visit frequently until I moved away. If a ceremony is held next Memorial Day, I plan to attend!

The marker was placed thanks to a student who thought there should be something to show the significance of the grove of trees. I for one thank Ms. Fiore, and the NP Key Club members throughout the years who participate in this ceremony.

This is an excerpt from the The Reporter on May 29, 2009 regarding the monument.
A few blocks away, the North Penn High School Key Club held a Memorial Day service at Penndale Middle School, honoring North Penn School District graduates who died in the Vietnam War. Khadijah Lewis and Christina Radley, sophomores at North Penn and Key Club members, each read a poem by Nancy Byrd Turner.

Corina Fiore, a former Key Club president, said she started the ceremony 15 years ago when she was a student at North Penn.

"At the time we had just this grove of trees planted in honor of these fallen soldiers, but there was nothing listed, there weren't any markers or names."

Through fundraising and Fiore's leadership, the Key Club purchased a placard that bears the names of 14 North Penn High School graduates who died in Vietnam: Stanley S. Cope, Jr., Class of '65; Albert M. Finn, Class of '62; John A. Glorioso, Class of '66; William E. Hannings, Class of '66; James W. Holliday, Class of '61; Gregory Jeremicz, Class of '65; Eric A. Lord, Class of '68; Robin B. Miller, Class of '67; Barry A. Molettiere, Class of '66; Robert I. Moore, Class of '66; Ronald J. Murphy, Class of '66; Andrew Mark Phillips, Class of '69; George E. Shade, Class of '63; David R. Weigner, Class of '62.


James said...

It's such a shame that your brother and so many others died in Viet Nam. I was in kindergarten in 1972 and remember my teacher losing her son in Viet Nam then a few month later on memorial day she gave a touching and heart felt tribute to him, although I don't remember the words the feelings of thankfulness and respect for those who fought and died have never left me.
Great post.

Intense Guy said...

I'm so sorry about your loss. I cannot imagine losing either of my brothers.

A momument - even one as beautiful as this one, is no substitute for having your brother around.

I will go and visit this momument - and pay my respects and give him a personal salute. There may be names of others that I recognize - Like Barry Molettiere... perhaps of Molettiere's Restaurant on Cannon Avenue?