Saturday, May 23, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009144

Uncompleted tasks for Saturday and beyond:
1) Buy jeans
2) Pantry closet - used for storage of crafts, games, cookbooks, etc. Games have been sorted and 1/3 donated to Goodwill. I have found homes for my WW cookbooks (I rarely cook from books anymore, I find recipes when needed on the internet!) This closet is SCARING ME, hence it keeps getting put off!
3) Empty hallway bathroom cabinets. Linen closet already done.
4) Wrap tchotchkes from around the house. This has not yet been completed but they are all in one central place, and have all been washed!
5) Organize piles in master bedroom. Furniture donated last week, so there are piles and boxes from dresser, night tables, etc. I did sort through some stuff, but have more to go.
6) Finish packing up toys in Tara's old room. Also sorted through my boxes of "stuff" stored in that closet.
7) Go through boxes and drawers in guest room.
(Neither 6 nor 7 involve much stuff, maybe 1 hour if that in each room) - I was wrong #6 took more like 1 1/2 hours, and there's still some stuff to be boxed.)
8)Bottom kitchen cabinets This was not on today's list, but we segwayed into it after wrapping all the tchotchkes
9) Trip to Goodwill Cardboard boxes were things packed up yesterday other two boxes were things from kitchen today!

Saturday (and beyond list)
10) Trip to market
11) Cook yummy dinner. Steamed clams, baked salmon corn on cob, with shrimp cocktail and sliced tomatoes, avocado. Sliced strawberries and "shortcakes" for dessert.

11a) Also cooked sloppy joes to have on hand for lunches, etc
12) Sorted through two boxes in family room.
13) Missing my internet friends

Will do my best to complete the uncompleted on Sunday. Mom will go to church, and sometime Tara and I have to go to the ceramic studio. She has a piece that needs to be painted ASAP, so we can pick it up before we leave... we may have already missed the date.

Still want to get to the movies to see "Night at the Museum".

Tara had a tough day today. She is going to have to adjust to having TWO adults in the house when we move. My mom tries to stay out of it as best she can, but there are times I need REINFORCEMENT. I am so focused on getting packed, but still trying to pay attention to her. She's 12 and SHOULD understand. I want to work hard this week, so by next weekend, we are pretty much done and can relax until packing/driving day comes on Tuesday!

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