Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009138 - The Plan

"Pennsylvania: the final frontier. This is the voyage of the Carship Kasper. Its two day mission: to safely drive up the east coast of the US in a mini van with 3 humans, 3 cats and a large freaky dog (and maybe a guinea pig); to seek out rest areas, photo ops and fast food restaurants; to boldly go where no woman has dared to go before!"

So you all can get an idea of what we have ahead of us as far as driving, here it is.
1,011 miles. The majority of the first 800 is on I-95, until we hit DC and Baltimore with all the beltways. I had lived in that area and knew the trip from DC to PA with my eyes closed, but that's been some time! I am hoping when the time comes I can time it so we are missing those areas at rush hour. I would love to start out at night and get a good 6-8 hours in while most people are sleeping!

The crew and passengers:
Mom - my navigator and first officer. She has many years of practice co-piloting for my dad on many many road trips. Handing him drinks, sandwiches, etc. She is there for moral support and my sanity. When you see the rest of the "cargo" you will see why!

Tara - the First Mate. With all the latest and greatest technology, and really comfy reclining back seats, I have she "chill-axs" on our trek. She will be tending to the other "passengers" whilst I am commanding the vehicle.

His Royal Bubbiness Prince Kovu he's only ever been in a car twice. Hopefully we can get him to stay in his carrier and sleep during the driving time!

Her Royal Freakiness Princess. I have NO idea how she will do on this drive. She loves car rides, BUT not too far from home!

Emmie and Cassie, our unexpected passengers. Unexpected in a good way. They will be going to live with a friend of my mom's, so I did not have to give them up to strangers! They made the trip from PA with us six years ago. They were not crazy about it, but they survived. That trip my Blazer was packed to the tippy top as the moving truck had taken my "stuff" earlier in the week and I had way more stuff that still needed to go after they left. This time I hope to only have the bear neccessities of personal things that we will need on the trip, nothing else, so there is room for some roaming if needed in the mini van. This is one of the things that prompted the purchase of the new (to us) vehicle. That and that fact that the Blazer was old.. and needed work done on it to ensure a safe and comfy trip!

Oliver the Guinea Pig, who hopefully will be riding in the truck with our friend Jason who will be driving all my worldly possessions to PA.

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