Thursday, May 28, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009149

Today was another very busy day with more errand running than actual packing. Again, I didn't pull my camera out. I forgot to photograph the pile of trash, and the additional car load of donations to Goodwill, and a box of office/craft supplies we donated to the church my mom attends when she is here.

Trash was two FULL 45 gal trash cans (see photo a couple days back), and I believe two bags.
Donation was 2 rather EX large storage containers, a "BOOMBOX" from the mid-90s (still works, just BIG), and one other box. I am totally annoyed with myself that I forgot photos. I am just so tired, and just trying to get from point A to point B!

Thursday's list:
1) Buy jeans (I tried again, the errand I ran before required an additonal stop and I needed to get hom)
2) Finish packing the various boxes throughout the house The boxes I was mentioning in this task have at last been FILLED, and now have the lids on them and are ready to be moved to the "staging area" (aka living room).
This was the family room earlier this evening,

Now all those boxes have bee moved to the living room. Last we visited the "staging area, it looked like this:

Tonight it looks like this (notice love seat is gone - 1800GOTJUNK!)

4) Repack Tara's books - I think they will have to be in two boxes, or it will be too heavy! For a kid that doesn't really like to read she has a lot of "favorite" books.
5) Deposit checks in my purse in the bank -Didnt go by the bank today,
7) Stop at bike store to see if he will buy back my bike I did take a picture and was going to stop buy today. the same errand that impacted #1, impacted this task as well.
8) Go to "pawn shop" to see if they will buy two TVs Done, they will buy them, but one will be going with us. It is bigger and newer than the TV my mom has, so she will take the one. Need to decide now if I should just take both of them.
9) del>Finish removing paritally packed/sorted items from Tara's room This will be done as soon as I am done posting this. I didn't want to FALL asleep again tonight with out posting.
10) Go to Post office - four packages to be mailed. I have all item together in a box, with all four addresses. That's a step in the right direction. I HATE the post office.
11) Trip to Goodwill. I took another BIG load, but TOTALLY forgot to take pictures, also took one box to church
12) Daphne, Kovu and Maia to vet. Maia was groomed as well!
13) Trash & recycling to the curb

14) Took sleeping bag, blanket and pillow to laundromat My mom did this while I went to Goodwill and pet store.

I keep thinking today is FRIDAY. Thank goodness it is not. We basically have two rooms emptied.
One bedroom has just a bookshelf that will go with us, the other has TV, bookshelf and dressers to go, and an old desk and bedframe for 1-800-GOTJUNK.
Living Room/Dining Room are being used for packing, so there is no "stuff" from that room specifically.
Guest Room - This basically has all of our clothes and linens in boxes, and the stuff we are wearing in baskets. My mom is doing a great job of keeping this under control! There is a bed, and a small piece of furntiture to be moved in that room. Drawers emptied and only thing in the closet are mom's current clothes.
Family Room/Kitchen - This is where the majority of "stuff" is left. Odds and ends of things, plus things in different stages of packing. It is hard to pack up everything, we are still LIVING and eating here. I now in the end stuff will just be thrown in boxes with no rhyme or reason, but the majority of the stuff is pretty organized!

1) Back to Carmax (three mornings in a row, out of the house by 7:30), good thing is I can get my ICED coffee!
2) Trip to Goodwill with "fake" plants, and any other misc stuff!
3) Bike Store
4) Jeans shopping
3 & 4 WILL be done after Carmax, while I am out alone!
5) Post office - Should do while I am out too.
6) Stop by pet rescue at Petsmart. Two options for "surrendering pets" have fallen through. I hope this rescue who we have known and dealt with on several occasions will be able to take Maia and Daphne.
7) Finish up odds and ends of packing, things we are not currently using.
I am sure there are more.... just not coming up with any. If all moving tasks are done, then there are plenty other things still to be done!

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