Sunday, May 17, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009137 - It's time to get SERIOUS!

I've known for weeks (months) that our move to PA was going to finally happen, but you know how it is when you are anticipating something that is a ways in the future, you think about it every day, but you still have all of the real life things that have to be done until that BIG DAY, whatever it is arrives. I have been anticipating this time since around Thanksgiving when I made the decision to retire,and leave our life in Orlando behind, and move back to our family in Lansdale, PA.

There were some twists and turns on the way to my retirement date of March 27th, but when that day arrived, I could not have been happier. Now I would just have real home life to worry about, along with the anticipation of moving!

I have so enjoyed being a stay at home mom, and teacher to Tara for the past six weeks. I have never been a stay at home mom, although I worked from home, I still had to divide my attentions between home and work!

At first we counted down the days, first to May 20th when my mom arrives to help finish up the packing and to be my co-pilot on the drive back home. Now her arrival is just a little over 48 hours away. She has spent the past weekend getting herself moved into our new home. Did I mention, my mother is 85 years old, and totally amazing! She does not sit back and watch as family members, church friends and professional movers, mover her stuff, she is right there in the midst of it all. Using the fabric grocery bags to carry loads that are manageable for her down 2 flights of steps and out to her car at her current apartment. Our new apartment is looking like a home thanks to all their hard work this weekend.

Now that her arrival in imminent we are counting down the days until we depart. The days that sometimes seems there will not be enough of. My mom has worked so hard moving her "stuff" I don't want her to overdue it here. My goal is to get everything I can possibly have packed done by Wednesday, with the exception of the kitchen, that room we can work on together. I may leave some wrapping of fragile stuff for her, but I will have things together in the appropriate boxes.

The one last big thing to do is to get the last two pets to the vet for their check ups, and get them placed, whether it be in a home or with a shelter/rescue. This is the hard part. Thankfully two of our cats will be going to a home in PA, so they will be making the trip with us! (Thus the new "ride" I purchased last week!)

For now we are using furniture that my mother had in her apartment, and that has been in our family since 1969. It is good Ethan Allen furniture, and has sentimental value. Luckily the sofa has been reupolstered and is not longer 1969 burnt orange (except, it might actually be back in "vogue")

This is the dining room, I love the arch. The kitchen is an eat in kitchen, so hopefully, this table will not collect clutter.

See that lamp in the front view picture? That was my lamp that I bought (a pair) for my town house in VA in 1987, my decor was french country, and they went well... but I am so over them. Those lamps will NOT be in this living room! That piece of furniture being used as an end table is a dough box that has been around as long as I can remember. It actually works pretty well there. The top comes off and you can store stuff in there. While I was growing up my mom kept fabric in there for her sewing projects!

I think I can work with that. I ultimately want something like this, but I need to see the room in person to see if it will work.
For a point of reference, this is the floor plan of our apartment. My mother has the master bedroom, she deserves the extra space. She has her favorite blue recliner, her TV, and computer in her room. As you walk back the hallway my bedroom is first, and Tara is in the middle. I have gotten ride of my big master bedroom furniture and will have a simple minimal relaxing bedroom with little clutter! (That's the plan anyway!)

So, this post has become much longer than I anticipated, so I think I will save the pictures of what I have accomplished around here today for a post for tomorrow. I need to get up from this computer and get some more stuff done!

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