Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009147

Tuesday was a REALLY good day, but I did slow down late in the afternoon again. Some days there is just not enough steam. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though and I think all is on track to be 99% completed by early weekend.
1) Buy jeans (I am pretty certain this will not happen again today)
2) Finish packing the various boxes throughout the house - This is not done, but we keep consolidating boxes from around the house, we are getting closer!
3) Repack Tara's books - I think they will have to be in two boxes, or it will be too heavy! For a kid that doesn't really like to read she has a lot of "favorite" books.
4) "Revisit" the stuffed animal population, it is overwhelming even in storage bags! Tara did great with this, we got rid of another whole trash bag of stuffed toys! I have promised her TWO new Webkinz when they come out for getting rid of 45 other stuffed todays!
5) Make another trip to Goodwill. I am fairly certain it won't take long to fill the car

6) Go to market - need food for dinner. Fridge and pantry getting low (which is a good thing in this case) - Nope, ordered Chinese! MUST go on Wednesday!
7) RETURN BOLT DVD to the Redbox. We have had it way too long.
8) Deposit checks in my purse in the bank - nope, all the ATM envelopes were soaked. Bank was not yet open when I was there.
9) Call 1-800-GOTJUNK One pick up completed, and the other for the furniture we still need schedule for 6/3. This was the BEST thing I could have done. It got rid of all the big stuff that I no longer need or want. My house was not really as cluttered as this truck load might seem. This was several pieces of furniture, patio furniture, garage stuff, etc.

This is what the garage is looking like! Lots of EMPTY boxes

10) Call Moving helpers to reschedule Changed to 6/3
11) Call Vet for Maia and Daphne Maia, Daphne and Kovu all go to the vet on Thursday morning! Should be quite a scene!
12) Drop off Disney trains to Little's
13) Stop at bike store to see if he will buy back my bike
14) Go to "pawn shop" to see if they will buy two TVs
(This is the list that has so many NO packing, but necessary things to do!)
15) Have Tara go through My Little Pony collection - too many of these as well. - She had agreed to give them all up, but as I was giving the box to the Goodwill, she changed her mind. She needs to keep only her favorite FIVE!
16) Finish removing paritally packed/sorted items from Tara's room
17) Go to Post office - Did change of address on line, but I have four packages to be mailed.
18) Returned Primo water bottles to Winn Dixie

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