Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009141

So here is the list I had posted for things I hoped to get done, and except TWO that were about ME, I got them all done, and added a couple more. All in all not a bad day! I must do those two things today. I have a nail that is about to come off (acrylics) and it hurts when I bend it. I desperately need jeans. One pair is falling apart
For Wednesday I would like to do:
1) Get bubble wrap at U-Haul
2) Buy new jeans
3) Best Buy for one return and the purchase of a new keyboard for the desktop PC. (Note to self - buying a cheap keyboard is not worth it) Decided to check this off the list. Will keep the printer I was going to return, and Tara figured out what was wrong with the keyboard.
4) Get nails done (I have one that is lifting and it hurts every time I bend it the wrong way, so this is a necessity!) - It was raining so hard when we were out that we just decided to come home.
5) Go to Goodwill
6) Clean up guest room - Mom comes today! That is where I have been putting laundry the past few days!
7) Pack up my old office, that became Tara's bedroom for a short time
8) Pick Mom up at airport approx 8:30!!! Amazingly her flight was on time even though there was a terrible line of storms going through.
9) Schlep all the trash to the curb. Besides the bags in the picture above there are at least two big bags by the back of the house... I need a wagon! I got the stuff by the curb between rain and lightenting. Still have a couple bags out back, but too much standing water in yard, and too many scary things come out with the rain (snakes, etc)
Added tasks:
Ask questions about renting truck. Did you know that you can "rent" men to help you load a rental truck? I did not know this type of service was available, and it really takes the pressure off. I can load boxes, but the big stuff I need some help. Neighbors all work and I don't like asking for help! $82 for two guys, for two hours! Works for me!
10) Stop at vet to pick up records for Emmie and Cassie
11) Laundry I just realized I had never done a load of wet pool stuff from last week (pee yew)It wound up being four loads, with some blankets, towels etc. First two done and folded, third in dryer, fourth waiting in line!
12) Make plane reservation of Jason
Jason is my friend who is driving my "stuff" to PA. He is the son of my sister's good friend, and he happens to live in Orlando too. Jason Trivia - he used to be Tigger at Disney World during his College Program! Anyway, he is not working, and has not been home for a while, so I figured win-win situation. He drives the truck, I pay his expenses and return plane fare, and I don't have to hire a regular mover and pay WAY more to move!

Small pile for Goodwill

Living room starting to fill with boxes

Backside of trash. There is more in front of the can. Will try to get another picture if I can get the other bags out this morning.

List for Thursday (and I am sure some carry over to Friday):
1) Get nails done
2) Buy Jeans
3) Cook - I have chicken thighs and ground turkey breast thawed - Turkey chili simmering and chicken thighs marinating in Hawaiian marinade. Will serve with stir fry veggies and couscous
4) Pack up pantry closet (I think this is about the worst spot left - crafts, game, cookbooks, misc stuff)
5) Empty Hallway bathroom cabinets (this has been a gathering place for Tara's stuff)
6) Bubble wrap all the little tchotchkes I have been gathering around the house (this is a good one for mom)
7) Back to Uhaul - need bubble wrap "bags" for pictures and decorative plates
8) Finish laundry
9) Sort three boxes of toys for keep/toss/donate
10) Drain water from pool The "lake" in my side yard has receded for now

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Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I love how organized you are with your list - I'm going to be in the same situation in the future when we relocate from Pennsylvania to possibly Louisiana...but that's not going to be for a while, so maybe I should start getting things organized now since I'm a pack rat and have so much junk to sort through! LOL!! ;) Thanks for the tip on the website to hire guys to load the truck - that's going to come in really handy!! :)

Hopefully your packing this weekend is going smoothly... :)