Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Captains Log - Car Date 2009139

Yesterday was a good packing day! The cooler temperatures have brought more energy (that and that fact that my mom will be here in 36 hours and I really want to get the majority of the sorting/tossing done before she gets here!

Yesterday we had to go to Carmax with the new "ride" and when we got home I decided to leave it out of the garage so I could work in the garage since it was not 90 degrees out there! My goal is to get everything from the garage that is being moved, packed in storage boxes and into the living room (which is pretty much empty) to await being loaded on the truck. It will be easier to put boxes from all of the rooms there than out in the garage. For one thing, if you know Florida, you know we have some strange bugs, and with all of the rain, the palmetto bugs (aka BIG cockroaches) are in full force in the garage. I've put out lots of traps, but I DO NOT want any of them hitchhiking with us to PA.

This section of the garage is pretty much ready to go. Most of those boxes are either holiday decorations or STUFF animals. In Tara's defense we did consolidate from six boxes to two (we still have Build-A-Bear and Webkinz in the house though!) There is one BIG box of books that I need to separate today. Most of them Tara has outgrown, except that she wants to keep her Dr Seuss books, and another series of animal and sea life books that she has loved since she was younger! I don't have a problem with that.

We have a "ton" of movies, both video and DVD. There was a time that I bought EVERY Disney movie that was released. I stopped that habit about two years ago. I have consolidated out movies down to two storage boxes, with a little spillage over into the Christmas decorations boxes. I'm packing the holiday movies there since there was no room in the other boxes. I have donated the video copy of any movie we have on DVD, and quite a few others that Tara has outgrown. Even there, some things she wasn't ready to part with! I am suprised at her sentimentality on some things. I am the same way, but really trying to leave all the emotion out of my packing. (Been watching Clean House and Clean Sweep too much over the years!)
Here's just a couple more shots of boxes around the house, the bags of "stuff" I took to Goodwill, and a picture to prove that I was there!

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Martha said...

LOL! I believed you to begin with - looks like you are being very productive! I think I'm going to pretend I'm moving while I have a few weeks off this summer and do the same thing!