Thursday, May 21, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009142

List for Thursday (and I am sure some carry over to Friday):
1) Get nails done I got a nice new set of pink and white french nails and a much needed eyebrow waxing, and Tara got a complimentary toe polish. Bonnie is the BEST, and Tara loves it when she does her nails. We will miss her! I need a pedicure, but will have to wait until all the packing is done!

2) Buy Jeans
3) Cook - I have chicken thighs and ground turkey breast thawed - Turkey chili simmering and chicken thighs marinating in Hawaiian marinade. Will serve with stir fry veggies and couscous
Here are Tara and my mom sitting at the table for the chicken dinner I prepared, first we had to find room on the table. It was full of stuff!

4) Pack up pantry closet (I think this is about the worst spot left - crafts, game, cookbooks, misc stuff) - This is partially done, the games and a couple other things are out. Found homes for several cookbooks!
5) Empty Hallway bathroom cabinets (this has been a gathering place for Tara's stuff) - Not done
6) Bubble wrap all the little tchotchkes I have been gathering around the house (this is a good one for mom) - Not done, but they are washed and all ready to be bubble wrapped
7) Back to Uhaul - need bubble wrap "bags" for pictures and decorative plates
8) Finish laundry
9) Sort three boxes of toys for keep/toss/donate This took some time!
10) Drain water from pool The "lake" in my side yard has receded for now

This was today's load to Goodwill. That Loving Family house was something I have been trying to get Tara to give up for TWO years!

By 7:30, I had switched loads of laundry, schlepped more trash to the curb, prepared a pot of chili, started chicken marinating, pulled games from pantry closet, drained 2'' water from pool, washed odds and ends of dishes in the sink. Now I am waiting for my pot of coffee to finish brewing and I'm going to go searching for a ATWT photo for this week!

I slipped on a wet spot on the floor in the morning (okay, if you must know DOG PEE) and scored a perfect 10 doing a split! I pulled something and this had me slowed down a bit.

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