Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009140

Tuesday was another rainy (yeah) day, and the rain continues to bring cooler temperatures. Also, with the rain there was little desire to be out and about. We so needed the rain, but we did not need it in the amounts that it has been raining, and there have been pockets of severe weather. This is what the side yard looked like.

and this is what the pool looked like. Keep in mind that on Saturday the water level was down about 4".

Now on to the progress. I had not planned on working on the kitchen, but that is where I wound up. Can I tell you, I think the kitchen has more "stuff" than the rest of the house. I guess it is because there is so many different types of things. I have the upper cabinets packed as much as I can. We do still need to eat and cook (unfortunatley)for the next 13 days, so I could not pack everything.
I have one full set of dishes and quite a few coffee mug, cups, etc to go to Goodwill on Wednesday, among other things. I was hoping to get a load there today, but with the rain, I just wanted to stay inside!
Here are three cabinets. What is left is dishes we need to eat from and some storage containers. The one totally empty cabinet was all kids of wine glasses, sundae cups, etc. See the kitty in the middle picture on top of the cabinets next to the palnt? That's Daphne.

I have also gone through the cabinet with the canned goods, spices, etc and have the bare minimum left there.
Here is the trash (unfortunately) I created today and the stuff that needs to go to Goodwill. I have another box for Goodwill in the house with games and some other kitchen gadgets. They will go Wednesday rain or shine. Goodwill has a little drive thru area that is covered and they come right out to the car with a cart to take the stuff inside, so no excuse not to go.

I also consolidated a couple boxes from the garage, and Tara and I sorted through a big container of books. We got that down to about 1/2 to donate, 1/2 keep, which I was happy with!

I ran out of bubble wrap/packing material so that is a must do errand on Wednesday. I don't have any newspaper in the house either, so the packing came to a halt.

For Wednesday I would like to do:
1) Get bubble wrap
2) Buy new jeans
3) Best Buy for one return and the purchase of a new keyboard for the desktop PC. (Note to self - buying a cheap keyboard is not worth it)
4) Get nails done (I have one that is lifting and it hurts every time I bend it the wrong way, so this is a necessity!)
5) Go to Goodwill
6) Clean up guest room - Mom comes today! That is where I have been putting laundry the past few days!
7) Pack up my old office, not much in there, a shelf with tchotchke that need to be wrapped and stuffed animals (Build a Bear collection) that are mostly already in boxes.
8) Pick Mom up at airport approx 8:30!!!
9) Schlep all the trash to the curb. Besides the bags in the picture above there are at least two big bags by the back of the house... I need a wagon!

We will see how far I get. It's 7:50am, I can get started on #6 and do some of #7.

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Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Good job! You're getting there. The kitty cracks me up. My cat would never get up that high. He's a scaredy cat!