Friday, May 29, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009150

Today was a hard day for me, but I made it through, and know that there was no other way!
Here are some other details of the day.

1) Back to Carmax (three mornings in a row, out of the house by 7:30), good thing is I can get my ICED coffee I was there by 8am, by 8:30 I had SPILLED my ice coffee on the floor, and by 9am they were telling me they could not make the repair as they were sent the wrong part! Now I have to go back on Monday (we hope)!

2) Trip to Goodwill with "fake" plants, and any other misc stuff! Waiting for a full load, by tomorrow maybe!

3) Bike Store He does not buy previously owned bikes at all. I am now rethinking taking it with me. It is a great bike, and MAYBE I can ride it to the fitness center in our new complex!

4) Jeans shopping FINALLY, 2 pair jeans, shirt, flip flops, watch, necklace and jammies!

5) Post office - Should do while I am out too.

6) Stop by pet rescue at Petsmart. Two options for "surrendering pets" have fallen through. I hope this rescue who we have known and dealt with on several occasions will be able to take Maia and Daphne. This is done, and Daphne and Maia are with the rescue. It was one of the HARDEST things I have ever done. They were both part of our famiy since May 2005.

7) Finish up odds and ends of packing, things we are not currently using.
I am sure there are more.... just not coming up with any. If all moving tasks are done, then there are plenty other things still to be done! I am moving right along with this. I think by Saturday afternoon I should be DONE. I cleaned out desk today, and packed p the Wii, RockBand, Gamecube.

8) Finally brought the ladder in and emptied these shelves
This, now looks like this

9) Went to dinner at Outback. Tara's choice not mine.

We are coming to the home stretch, and I am happy with where we are. In the end I think we will have 30 boxes or left. All my wordly belongings in 30 boxes. I think that is pretty darned good (well, except for the computers, TV, and some furniture)

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