Monday, May 25, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009145

Uncompleted tasks for Sunday and beyond:
1) Buy jeans (I have only two pair of jeans... one the zipper is broken, and the other pair are getting so thin I am afraid they will disintegrate if touched. I wear shorts around the house but not out in public.
2) Pantry closet - used for storage of crafts, games, cookbooks, etc. I finally tackled this MESS today. I think most of us have one of the places in our homes. This closet is about 4x4 wide, conveniently located in the center of the house near the kitchen & family room. With only two in the family, I did not buy large quantities of anything food related, so this was more of a "stuff" closet than a pantry! Cookbooks have been donated to friends. Tara has let go over over 1/2 of her games. Some have gone to Goodwill, and I put others up on Freecycle and think I may have a taker. I think we are down to 8 games, most of the more grown up than little kid games. I threw out SOOO many cell phone cords, USB cords from various cameras, etc.

After two angles (not totally empty, some things are going to new homes, waiting for pick up, some things still need to be gone through.

3) Empty hallway bathroom cabinets. Linen closet already done. I did take TWO things out, and there really is not much there. I hope that most will be toss stuff!
5) Organize piles in master bedroom. Furniture donated last week, so there are piles and boxes from dresser, night tables, etc. Each time I go in there, I pick up a couple more things...
7) Go through boxes and drawers in guest room. This is basically done, last evening I got a 2nd wind, and went back to ask my mom something in that room. I wound up going through the boxes in the closet and consolidated from THREE to ONE!
Also completed on Sunday
8) Go to ceramic studio for Tara paint a piece she has been wanting to do for some time

9 Purchase new 45 gal trash can and it is now in my family room. Tired of filling trash bags! Will add photo!
10) Enjoy morning drive with Tara and an iced coffee while mom was in church. I love McDs Iced Coffee, and Tara likes the NF Iced Mocha with a shot of vanilla (yes, I let my 12 yo drink coffee - she DOESN'T ever drink soda)
I got gas at a Murphy station, and they have TV monitors on the pumps... not just commercials for their mini mart, but news, weather, sports, etc.

11 Put some stuff up on Freecycle Some one is picking up a car top carrier that has been sitting in my garage since I moved here from PA. Don't need it with the new car!
12 Several more boxes ready for Goodwill.... don't know if they are open on Memorial Day, we will find out! They are open, and I will be headed there a little later
My house is getting to the chaotic point. There are boxes everywhere. You know, those that are not quite full, and you know you will have more like stuff or things for that particular room. I have a box for my bedroom, things I want to be sure don't put in the wrong place. I go from room to room collecting things for the particular boxes.

I have come to the conclusion my child has TOO much STUFF. I am finally starting to just get rid of things that I would have asked her about three days ago! I will deal with the consequences if she ever asks for it.

I think we will be done by early next weekend which is the goal, so we will have a couple days to chill-lax before the packing of the truck and the drive home!

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