Friday, May 22, 2009

Captain's Log - Car Date 2009143

Carry over from Thursday list:
1) Buy Jeans
2) Pack up pantry closet (I think this is about the worst spot left - crafts, game, cookbooks, misc stuff)
3) Empty Hallway bathroom cabinets (this has been a gathering place for Tara's stuff)
4) Bubble wrap all the little tchotchkes I have been gathering around the house (this is a good one for mom)
Additional Friday
5) Work in garage - go through holiday boxes. Took advantage of the "cooler" weather due to the rain to work in the garage
6) Back to U-Haul for cardboard boxes to take donations to Goodwill
7 Sort lines (sheets, towels) for keep and donate
8 Another trip to Goodwill
Here are some pics from the day.
This is Tara and her Webkinz. That is a jumbo bag that is holding 130150 (give or take a couple) Webkinz, before vacuumed and after! Yes, my daughter is OVER induldged with Webkinz, but right now they are here "thing". She have internet friends through Webkinz World and YouTube. She is becoming quite the little film maker with her Flip!
All of THESE,

in a JUMBO bag

AFTER vacuumed!

I'm loving Space Saver bags. Those three empty boxes, used to be full with the stuffed animals that are now in the two (1 jumbo and 1 large) Space Saver bag

My mom helping in the garage!

This was the load that went to Goodwill today. One box of misc stuff and another of Christmas
This is how much I downsized Christmas (that's not saying that I don't still have another two small boxes - we LOVE Christmas, and my mom had just as much in PA). Two BIG boxes to two smaller boxes.

Uncompleted tasks - Carry over to Saturday, and beyond:
1) Buy jeans
2) Pantry closet - used for storage of crafts, games, cookbooks, etc. Games have been sorted and 1/3 donated to Goodwill. I have found homes for my WW cookbooks (I rarely cook from books anymore, I find recipes when needed on the internet!) This closet is SCARING ME, hence it keeps getting put off!
3) Empty hallway bathroom cabinets. Linen closet already done.
4) Wrap tchotchkes from around the house. This has not yet been completed but they are all in one central place, and have all been washed!
5) Organize piles in master bedroom. Furniture donated last week, so there are piles and boxes from dresser, night tables, etc. I did sort through some stuff, but have more to go.
6) Finish packing up toys in Tara's old room.
7) Go through boxes and drawers in guest room.
(Neither 6 nor 7 involve much stuff, maybe 1 hour if that in each room)

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Martha said...

I need some of your energy! Please add it on your to do list to send me some ;-)

Looks like you are really "moving" along!