Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Round Barn" and Whistlestop Park, Colmar

Tara and I decided to go to the movies on Wednesday afternoon. The movie "Shorts" was a silly movie definitely for the kids. It was entertaining enough to keep me awake (well most of the time), and something cool for us to do out of the house.

I decided to take a short detour on the way home and we stopped at Whistlestop Park in Colmar (it is right near a train station!). We had been there when Tara was young, and she vaguely remembered it. It was hot, but when we first arrived with the sun covered by clouds, and a nice breeze it was pleasant enough. Even at 12, Tara loves a good playground!

My other reason for stopping here was to photograph the "round" (actually octagonal barn). There has been a round barn on this site for as long as I can remember, but I believe the structure that is there now has been rebuilt. I love the colors of the stone and the green used for the doors and windows. They also have a great red shed on the property that really completes the picture!

There was a field with some great wildflowers and lots of tiny grasshoppers. The breeze was blowing strongly making it difficult to capture the flowers, and the tiny grasshoppers would not stay still for me!
I applied some filters in PSE to make these not look out of focus!

I loved this lone red leaf, a sign that fall is not too far away!

It was a close to home adventure, but one that I enjoyed!


Joanie M said...

What a cute park!

Lucy the Cat said...

I think playgrounds are fun for kids any age, even kids in their 40’s. :)

You’re right. The green doors look so neat with the stone.

I’m claiming that hope of that lone red leaf! I can’t wait for fall!

James said...

Nice pictures, and the barn is awesome!

Intense Guy said...

I love your pictures of the octagonal barn. Its really cool seeing sites I drive by once or twice a month.

That B&W picture really nifty.

I think this barn is on the site of Forest Park - near what used to be the Link-Belt train station. Someday I'll have to pull over and give it a closer look!

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for taking us on a tour in the park! It's a great park and your photos prove that! Thanks for your visit!

Mary K Brennan said...

To think Fall is just around the corner. It really is my favorite time of year, but since it rained most of June I feel a sad to see summer go. We really did so much. I had a great time with the kids. Sending them to school next week will be hard.

Rebecca said...

I know that barn! ;)

BING! said...

Hey Martha, I linked this entry to my latest blog post because of your photos of the octagonal barn. Check it out