Saturday, August 1, 2009

Plymouth Meeting Mall

We took a ride to Plymouth Meeting Mall to check out the two level carousel and check out the Webkinz selection in the FYE store. I had not been to this mall in years, (even before we moved, it was not one I visted frequently).

The drive to the mall brought back memories, I traveled some roads that I had not been on since our return. Plymouth Meeting was one of the first "far from home" places I was allowed to drive on my own when I first got my license! Back then it was such a thrill to go to the mall, and driving to the mall was really cool (it was in the mid-70s). (I decided today though that malls no longer do it for me!)

I knew over recent years that the mall had gone through some changes in anchor stores and renovations.

The original mall opened in 1966. There is a slice of a very old tree that was on the property prior to the mall hanging in the hallway that shows that the tree was there prior to the Revolutionary War (this area is not too far from Phila or Valley Forge)

This is not a big mall, dwarfed by the nearby King of Prussia Mega Mall, and on this Saturday, it was I would say moderately busy. They have built many restaurants, including a food court and entertainment opportunities (movie theater, Dave & Buster's and another large Chuck E Cheese type place), and I think this helps draw folks particularly on the weekends. I did notice that most of the spaces are occupied.

Tara didn't find what she was looking for at FYE (we had a gift card), and when she did see what she wanted, it was priced much higher than other stores we knew would have it too, so after walking the length of the mall and back, we left to come home.
This fountain was there in the "old days" right outside of the now defunct "Strawbridge & Clothiers" (one of my fav stores)

Because I LOVE sunflowers

and because I have a pic of the PF Chang horse from Winter Park, FL

When Tara was little I did bring her to this mall to ride her first carousel, but after seeing the carousel that is there now, and some vague research I was able to do, I do not believe this is the original (old) carousel, but a newer, smaller fiberglass one. It was still pretty. I love carousel horses.

Although it was a very HHH (hot, humid & hazy) day, Tara and did not want to come home, so after dropping off my mom who had something else to do, we headed back to Fischer's Park and the coolness of the creek. Click here for some pics I took there.


Rebecca said...

Haven't been here in ages. I didn't even know there was a Dave and Busters there! I'll have to stop by sometime and check it out.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Love the pics. But where were all the people?! My mall is always packed to the brim with shoppers. I would love a mall like this...

btw... Dave & Busters is my son's FAVORITE place. Gives me a headache every time though!