Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Keeping Cool and Quakertown Farmers Market

Tara and I have not been on any new adventures this past week. The weather has been hot and steamy, and that makes me want to stay inside!

I made a trip to Rice's Market with my sister, and we made a trip back to the Kid's Castle on Friday. My camera battery was DEAD, and it was just too hot, even the kids agreed.

Tara started reading (she's on her second book this week) the Warrior Cat series, and is really enjoying them. They are about clans of wild cats. We did visit a new bookstore to us, and then Monday we went to Barnes and Noble!

I've been spending time scanning pictures - I posted about that here and here.

Saturday we made a quick "field trip" to the Quakertown Farmer's Market. It was loads of fun, but not enough for a full post. If you like fresh local meats, produce, baked goods and lots of cheeses, this is your place. You can probably find just about anything else there too. Lots of little places to eat too. It hasn't changed much in the past 30 years, the sights and smells brought back memories of visit there with my mom and dad! They have an outdoor flea market too, but I've never been to that!

If you would like to make quick trip to Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios), you can visit my Photo blog. All of the photo memes I have been participating in the week have used photos from DHS! It's been fun finding pictures to meet the criteria!

I'm itching to get out someplace NEW with my camera, so maybe today we will go out and explore before it gets too hot!

So that's it for us this past week! I felt like I was ignoring this blog!


Lucy said...

I understand. We haven't wanted to go anywhere either in the heat and humidity. James goes out for short spurts to try and find some good pictures and comes back overheated. Your Farmer's Market looks great. We have one that's run by the Amish and is open just three days a week. I'm going to have to check out that Warriors book series. It looks very interesting!

Intense Guy said...

The heat has been bad and the humidity just awful. My younger brother often goes to the "q-mart" to walk when it gets this way. My grandfather lives a few blocks away from the mart so he gets a visit too when my brother goes there.

I've actually never been in the mart. Hmm... I'll have to go sometime. I used to love the Montgomeryville Mart - the smells especially, even though it did mean I was there to get my hair cut.

James said...

Nice pictures. I wish I could find a place in Orange County that hasn't changed. It would be really nice. I think next week is supposed to be cooler. (Fingers crossed)

CTG Ponies said...

The Quakertown Farmers Market is always a fun place for people watching too.