Friday, August 14, 2009

Philadelphia - Franklin Institute

Tara and I took a trip to Philadelphia and the Franklin Institute on Friday 8/14. Rather than take the train, and then the little "Phlash" bus, I decided to drive since the FI as it's own parking garage.

Once we arrived and purchased our tickets, I decided that I would "splurge" and get an annual family pass. For $99, each time we go we can have 2 adults and 4 children, and not have to pay anything additional. I think it is someplace my great nephews might like to visit!

If you live in the Philly area, you have probably been to the FI. If you ever visit, it's a great place to spend a day if you like science and such. They have a planetarium and and IMAX theater too.
I remember visiting the Franklin Institute when I was young with my family, on a class trip in elementary school, with my now adult nephew and my dad, and then again when Tara was four!

Some things don't change:

There is the giant statue of Benjamin Franklin

The Foucault Pendulum that swings in the central staircase

The Giant walk thru heart (I remember being six or so and being really afraid of this!)

The train

I am pretty sure this guy is new, but I think he's been on the elliptical too long!


James said...

This looks like an interesting place. Definately a place that I want to see. We walked by it on the 4th of July but it was roped off for a special event.

Joanie M said...

Did you visit the Star Trek exhibit? We thought it was pretty cool! We also saw the Galileo exhibit too. Thought that one was OK, but my boyfriend, the math/science nerd was interested in it. My thoughts? If you've seen one astrolabe, you've seen them all.
Glad you enjoyed your day!

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