Saturday, August 8, 2009

Down the Shore - Ocean City, NJ - Day 2 & 3

I planned on getting up for the sunrise on Tuesday morning, and fortunately woke up without an alarm on my own. Bill, Gerri and Kristen were getting ready for a morning on the golf course, so I just grabbed my camera and headed to the beach. I LOVE the beach in the early morning and at night. I took MANY pictures as the sun rose over the ocean, you can see some of them in this slide show.

I walked a couple of blocks up the beach and then back to the house. My ankle was bothering me from the walk the night before (I had on the wrong shoes). This did not make me happy as it made walking very painful. Tara got up and we both walked out on the beach for a bit, and then decided to go for a ride down the island, and then over to Atlantic City.

Atlantic City

I liked the colors of this restaurant

Soldiers and Sailors Monument built in 1922

Lucy the Elephant on the Margate Water Tower

Most of the rest of the day was spent resting my foot (along with some arguing with Tara who was bored...). The rest of the family went out for dinner, while Mom, Tara and I stayed in and had broiled seafood combos from Ove's which were very good. We played some Rummy and once it got dark, Tara and I walked (she walked, I hobbled) to the beach were we spent about 45 minutes enjoying the quiet and sounds of the surf.

Everyone pretty much just hung out around the house this evening, no one headed to the Boardwalk (there was no way I could have...) and Tara and I turned in around 10am. I was ready for bed, and again slept well until about 6am! No morning walk to the beach, but we did take a walk to Ove's for a cup of coffee and some Apple Cider donuts. We packed up the car, and then relaxed and visited for the rest of the morning.

I was able to get one group shot and with that we said our good byes and headed for home! Tara was ready to get back home where things were "normal". I have found over the years that she does not do well away from home (no matter who she is with, or where she is), she likes things to be a certain way.... she needs to learn to be FLEXIBLE!

Philly sky line

Philadelphia Zoo "balloon"

We laughed at this car on the Blue Route... it reminded us of some one coming out of the rest room with TP stuck to their shoe!

We arrived home around 1pm, got unpacked, and relaxed for a bit before it was time to go pick up Princess. She did great at the kennel, and did not come home totally mad at me!

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