Saturday, August 8, 2009

Montgomery County 4-H Fair, Creamery, PA

This weekend was the annual 4-H show in Creamery, PA. Years ago this was a big event in our family as my sister was raising and showed a Guernsey cow named Helena that belonged to Oak Leaf Farm (now Freddy Hill Farm). I have fond memories of this time, and had hoped that I too would be able to be involved in 4-H, but it was never to be.

Tara has such a great interest in all things animal, that I have thought for some time that I would like to find a way for her to be involved. They have horse clubs, dog clubs, cat clubs, cavy and rabbit clubs, etc. but I have not been able to find much information out on line, so today we took a ride over to see what we could see! I think we will be able to find something(s) to get Tara involved in!
The 4 "H"s stand for Head, Hands, Heart, Health and

First we saw some very cute pigs!

Then we checked out the goats

We got some information on the Cavy (guinea pig) and rabbit club, in which Tara seems interested. Oliver would have won hands down for the CUTEST guinea pig of those that were there (if that is a category!)
There were these TOTALLY cute alpacas. I want an alpaca!

Fred Seipt is the owner of Freddy Hill Farms that I have posted about.

I liked this weather vane. We watched kids from the Rocket Club launch their rockets. Not quite the shuttle launch, but it was pretty cool!

Here is a giant cow, advertising Turkey Hill Ice Cream. We don't eat much of their ice cream, but we sure do love their iced tea!

There were lovely gardens around the main building.

Including a butterfly garden out front.
I wished I could have gotten closer to this butterfly. I need to get one of these bushes for our little flower bed...the butterflies were all over them.

but then, so were the bees.

They had a beautiful water garden. It was a very peaceful place even though just around the corner there were hundreds of people.

I had hoped to enter a photography contest they had for the general public, but I found out about it too late to get my entries to the center. I even got the photos printed and I think from what I saw that I might have been able to place in some of the categories! I'll have to get them matted and ready to go for next August!
It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the time outside. I wish we had been able to head to the fair on Friday, as that is the day that most things happen. Hopefully next year we will be INVOLVED in the fair and not just visiting!


The Bertone's said...

Turkey Hill actually has good Ice cream! :) Awesome pictures!

Lizzie said...

yeah! how fun for her! i was in FFA when i was younger and raised Lambs :) it was a great experience. the pictures are great Martha, you are amazing. i saw we meet up one of these days an you show me how to take a darn picture! ha ha

James said...

I really like those animal pictures.

Tranquility said...

What a fun group of photos!

Those pigs and alpacas are so darn cute!!!