Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Philadelphia - A city walk

After we had enough of the FI for the day, we decided to head outside. There are so many beautiful things to see in the city. There was a monument and a fountain I could see from the FI that I had in my sights.

This is Swann Fountain, and if you look close "Billy Penn" on the top of City Hall is in the background.

Thaddeus Kosciuszko can be found guarding the entrance to the Four Seasons

Across the street is the Bascillica of St Peter and St Paul

I zoomed in a bit on Billy, one of the visits we will get closer.

Tall buildings

and glass buildings

Old buildings

A monument for the Holocaust

This one, next to TGIFriday's I'm not so sure!

on the way home I had Tara snap a couple of pictures of Boat House Row.. she did pretty well considering we were moving, although not fast


James said...

You really got some great pictures! My pictures of the fountain and Bascillica that I took on the 4th were terible.
The picture of the Viking in my blog post was taken just to the left of Tara's picture, on Kelly Drive/boathouse row. The railroad bridge is even further to the left.

Tara's picture is awesome!

Lucy said...

Thank you to Kovu (Bubba) for visiting my blog! Mama and I like your pics!!


Lizzie said...

gorgeous! all these shots are just gorgeous! i tell you what, when i come to philly you HAVE to take out to see the town :)