Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Day, another park - Stoney Creek Park, Lansdale

Tara and I are enjoying checking out the different municipality parks around us, many where here before we moved, but some new ones have been built.

Stoney Creek Park, Lansdale is one of those. It is just a short drive from our home. On Saturday we had run an errand and before heading home we decided to stop by.

Tara loves a park with a good play ground, she loves her swings, and I love that at 12 1/2 she still can have fun at a playground!

There is a pond with a nice fountain in the middle. I love the cat o nine tails that surround the pond. The playground is very nice. There is also a walking trail, and on top of a little hill there is a bench and a pair of mounted binoculars. I did not get a chance to check that out as there was a couple up there taking a rest from their walk, and I did not want to intrude! I found these specs on line, I guess I need to go back and find the labyrinth. Next time we will bring the dog!

(Located in the 100 block of E. Hancock Street)

  • one acre pond
  • tot lot
  • gazebo/picnic area (available to rent)
  • labyrinth
  • overlook
  • .6 mile nature trail
  • .2 mile foot path
  • parking (55 spaces)

I love this little sculpture.


Lucy the Cat said...

This is a really nice mosiac. I like how you put all the pictures together.I really like the lighting and very blue sky.

Intense Guy said...

I recall them "digging" things up when they put this park in - I used to walk there at lunch time before that - and hadn't gone back when the routine got interrupted.

It looks nice though - I'll have to go back (at least) once more.