Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Friends and a Fun Fair - Upper Gwynedd Carnival

I have mentioned in other posts that Tara met a new friend this week at her first 4-H meeting. Katie and Tara seemed to hit it off quickly, exchanged email and phone numbers without being prompted and have spent time getting to know each other this past week via technology! They spent some time at Katie's house on Friday, and it really is amazing how much they have in common! This makes this mom very happy! I hope their friendship will continue to grow!

This weekend was the Annual Upper Gwynedd Carnival. Tara loves carnivals and rides, so I knew this was a must do (it was right down the road from us). We invited Katie to go along with us, and I think the girls had a great time!

I bought them both all you can ride wristbands so we did not have to worry about tickets, and they quickly found the first ride.
Extrem - not easy to photograph - it moved FAST, and there was always something else moving in my way!

I think this was a little more "thrilling" than either expected.
Next up (or down) the Fun Slide (this wound up being the favorite for both of the day!)

I loved watching their expressions as they came down each time (I think they did the 4x)

Next up Pharoh's Fury - Tara rode this one alone. She had been saying since we saw them setting up mid-week that she wanted to ride this!

She is a thrill seeker (she does have her limits though!)

Neither wanted to ride THIS.

Time for a little Sand Art - I love the BRIGHT colors.

They both decided to do bears.

Can't go to a carnvial without a game

Neither wanted to ride these -

Chillin' on the carousel

All of the fair food looked and smelled so good.. but we did not indulge!

Dizzy Dino's were less than thrilling!

Tara rode this once by herself, Katie was reluctant, by the end thought they both rode... multiple times!

I'm flying!

Way up high!

The Mango Men played Buffett like music. I would have loved to sit and listen!

The bears rested in the tree!

On the way out.. some superheros!

Later in the evening, much to our surprise because it was raining, Tara and I watched the fireworks... they were an hour early, so I did not have time to find the perfect spot outside of the carnival grounds, it was raining, and I was shooting through a hole in a chain link fence!

Even though the skies were dreary during the day, a good time was had by all!


James said...

You took the words right out of my mouth/keyboard. It looks like a good time was had by all.

You really took some great pictures that will preserve this wonderful memory.

Rebecca said...

Looks like good old fashioned fun!

Joanie M said...
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Joanie M said...

It looks like the girls had a great time! I saw them setting up several days ago. Wish I had time to stop, but John is in the hospital and I was picking up stuff to bring to him. Too bad... he loves carnivals and fairs!

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad Tara found a friend! I wonder if my niece would enjoy meeting up with her - she's a rabbit and guinea pig buff herself.

I love the pictures of the rides and the fireworks - The weather might have even made the fireworks more cool (photographically).

Anonymous said...

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