Monday, November 23, 2009

Virginia - Day Three and going home :(

Day one is here and here. Day Two is here and here.

Sunday came so quickly! Next time we will have to plan a longer weekend! We woke to a beautiful morning, the original forecast was for rain!

Barbara cooked up a great breakfast, and Joel headed off to work for a few hours.
The kids played for a bit, and then we headed to a little park so the kids could enjoy some fresh air, and the ever energetic Tristan could burn off some energy!
Tara and Katrina LOVE climbing in trees! Mint Valley Springs is a great little park, the Barredo's enjoy it in the summer with the small lake and "beach"!

We headed back home for some lunch, and a little later went into Charlottesville so the kids could ice skate. That didn't work out, the rink was closing 20 min after we arrived! We wondered around the shopping area that is closed to traffic.
I loved the old buildings... lots of windows to photograph!

Time was flying by, and sadly it was time for us to get back to the Barredo's and on our way home. The full trip is about 5 1/2 hours and I didn't want to be getting home at 3am!
One last photo!

We were on our way a bit before 6pm, made a stop for gas, a stop to grab something at Wendy's and a "bio break" at the Maryland House, arriving home at 11:30, after 330 miles of driving. Tara watched Star Trek, Alf and Fox and the Hound 2 on the trip!

Hopefully it will not be 2 1/2 years until we see our friends again. I would love to make the trip again, the girls had so much fun being together again. The Barredo's are thinking about visiting our neck of the woods too, so they can see Philadelphia. If we can't arrange something before, there is always Hershey Park/Lancaster area this summer!!!!


Rebecca said...

I love that first shot. At first I thought it was just scenery but then the girl climbing the trees popped out.

Looks like a fun time.

Intense Guy said...

What beautiful pictures! I like the shot of the red barn... I want today's gloomy weather to change to that bright blue sky!

I really like the new header picture - that is marvelous!

I'm glad you got home safely and hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!