Saturday, November 21, 2009

Road trip to VA - Day One/Part One

Tara and I made the 200 mile trip from our home to Warrenton, VA on Friday.  The road trip was fun.  I really do like to drive.  I know the drive well, I had lived in Northern VA for 5 years, and made the drive up 95 often.  We made great time until we hit RT 66 on 2:15pm, rush hour starts early in NO VA!
This is for Iggy!

I liked this logo.... we were stopped in traffic.

After we "survived" the tunnel.  Tara does not like tunnels!

My "townhouse" in Little Rocky Run, Centreville (The brown one)

In the Hampton Inn. I found out later that this was the MOST comfortable bed I have ever slept in.

Okay - the visit to Fallen Fence Farm will have to wait until later, we need to get on the road to Crozet!


Matty said...

You found Cappy! He escaped.

Intense Guy said...

LOL @ You and Matty.

:) I hope that big fish didn't eat him up...

The Baltimore Tunnel can be pretty "messy" traffic-wise. I was glad when they opened the second, newer one. I wonder who's smokestack that is - its a very familar landmark to those going throught the tunnel and on to DC.

Rebecca said...

Looking forward to the next post! Safe travels!