Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving with Family

This was the first year we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. For the six years we lived in FL, Tara and I celebrated alone. Most years we would go to Disney or the movies, or both, and if we did not eat out I would prepare a small Thanksgiving meal, not always the usual Thanksgiving fare, but what ever tempted our tummy that particular year. I realized that I did not document Thanksgiving Day very well, so this year I vowed to be better!

We started the day off going to church with my mother for breakfast and a short message. It was a nice way to start the day. I saw several members I've known since childhood. I felt good that we were able to go with my mom, and she did not have to attend alone!

After breakfast we just hung around the house.

Dinner was being hosted by Chad, my nephew and Natasha, his fiance. I didn't want to get there too early, so we planned our arrival, for 3pm, 1 hour before dinner. Tara, my mother, and Tyler (great nephew) all rode with me.
Our host and hostess

Her new BLING!

My Linda, my sister, and Larry my BIL, arrived a bit later, they live 5 miles from us, but we don't seem to see them often. My sis was a little sad, she normally makes a yearly trip to Disney starting the day after Thanksgiving, but she did not go this year. Not just because we aren't there (she visited before we moved there) but several other reasons!

We ate dinner buffet style, with two "adult" tables and a card table in the kitchen for the kids. One kid sat at the grown up table, so I sat at the kid's table with Tara. She had been saying for weeks she WOULD not sit at the kid's table. Kier (great nephew) sat with us too, and Gavin (last great nephew) was being stubborn and sat at another small table alone. It was so chaotic, and I don't really remember anyone sitting still too long, so I didn't get any "kid table picks"!
From l to r - Betty, my mom, Jodie my niece, Jerry my nephew in law, Chad

L to R -Tyler, Larry, Linda, Dean (I think - boyfriend of Natasha's mom), Nancy (I think - Tasha's mom) and Tasha

We were there for a bit by ourselves which was nice, as we had time to chat. That is when we found out about the engagement. We chatted over the veggie tray and glasses of boxed (pretty yummy) wine!

The kids
Tara (she has not seen this picture... Chad had told the kids if one of them could solve the Rubik's cube by the time for us to go home, he would give them $100)  No one solved it.  Tara wishe had watched her friend in FL closer, she could solve it in 30 sec.

Kier - I love this picture of him.... he's always willing to give me a smile, unlike his brothers!

Gavin - he was trying NOT to have his picture taken, but I've got a fast shutter finger!

Tyler - he didn't want this taken either... I tricked him!

It was a wonderful time.  It is great getting to know Tasha better!  It was nice to meet her mom as well.
Food was wonderful, we each brought something which worked  out great.  Less work for the hosts, and you get to try different things!

Next up Christmas... not sure what the plans are for that yet, we all need to discuss!


Rebecca said...

So glad you were able to be with the family this year. The kids a are cute!

Intense Guy said...

Looks like a great crowd! And congrats on your host's engagement!

Tara ought to practice up on that Rubik's cube - that $100 offer might be made again - who knows, maybe even as soon as Christmas.

My younger brother could solve a cube, but I never could. :)

Matty said...

Now that's our shutterbug Martha at work. Some of them didn't look real thrilled about your camera. You enjoyed the day with family. That's what matters.

Life with Kaishon said...

It looks like a great day. And you always say you don't get good people pictures... they look FANTASTIC to me!