Sunday, December 6, 2009

Advent Mission Night - Gwynedd Sq Presbyterian Church

Friday night, my mother, Tara and I attended a great event at the church to which my mother belongs (and the church I grew up in).  It was a family night of pizza, fellowship, and working on three holiday mission projects as well as decorating the church.  The photos currently in my header (nativity scenes) were taken on the outside of the church.

First there were the stockings that are for two different organization - they were filled with personal care items and other goodies.

Some of the kids (and my mother with her back to the camera) getting ready to fill the stockings.  My mother cut out and sewed the stockings.

Some of the "stuff" (80 bottles of body lotion or body wash)

Beautiful hand knit scarves made by my mom and other women of the church.

In all we (children and adults) filled 100 stocking. This is just some of them.
I have to admit, I was so busy helping with the stockings, that I didn't get too many photos of the other projects.
There was the rice, 50 lb bags to be divided into 1 gallon bags for Hope Prison Ministries.  The church also had names on an Angel Tree for gifts for this ministry (as well as other organizations).  As of today, all of the angels on the tree were gone.

The kids from the youth group packaged hot meals (to be frozen) and delivered to a local food cupboard, Manna on Main St.  I am not sure what the casserole was, but I rode down in the elevator with it and it sure smelled GOOD!  I think I heard thas around 25 meals.

There was also a group decorating the church... I got only one quick shot, and totally forgot to head upstairs to photograph those who were decorating the sanctuary.
at it w
17 pizzas were consumed and a good time I believe was had by all!


Intense Guy said...

I love the header for this blog!


Wow - you folks were busy and run well on Pizza! Perhaps I can stop by to help out next time?

Life with Kaishon said...

What a wonderful church. I love that you did this. And of course I love your Mom! Ever since my Mom said she loved your comment the best one day I have just adored you and your Mommy : )