Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Philly Pictures

Tara and I did not spend much time in Philly on Thursday away from the Magic Garden, but I did snap a few other pictures.
I love doors, and there are some great doors on the row homes in the city.

One day I am going to take a mural tour in the city. These works of art are amazing and all over Philadelphia.

This guy was dancing like no one was watching, even though there were people all around.. but I guess no one, but ME was watching! Not the best, I shot it through the windshield from a distance away!

Fire trucks and the city, they seem to go hand in hand. The guys on this truck were in Superfresh buying lunch.

We stopped in Whole Foods - something about that store wants me to eat healthier!
Beautiful red snapper

but we had flounder for dinner. (This one to be exact!)

Pretty flowers

Billy Penn on the top of City Hall... the back side

A hazy view of the skyline (shot at 55 mph on I-95)

I shared this on my other blog, as my favorite shot of the week... I just love it.


Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi Martha, loved the photos. We live in a historic home so I really enjoyed the door photos. Red snapper! I haven't had that since our vacation in New Zealand four years ago!

Thanks for taking us along on your trip!


James said...

I love these Philly pictures I hope they keep coming.

Matty said...

You are the master of multi-tasking.

Lucy the Cat said...

Great pictures. Philly is such a fun and interesting city! I love row houses but haven't seen any in person until I moved to the East Coast. Love the guy dancing and the woman with her shopping cart.


Rebecca said...

I love the woman with the cart, she looks so vibrant against the brick wall. And the dancer is so fun!

shopannies said...

wow great pictures son in law would love the fire truck and I love the last picture on this post

Rebecca said...

Shared an award with you on my blog today.