Sunday, October 18, 2009

In Search of Snow

I am the WORLD's BEST MOM, or at least the craziest one! I will do just about anything to make my daughter happy.

This week's quest, FINDING SNOW.

You might recall, we lived in Florida from June 2003 until this past June, missing out on the winters of 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08. Tara had not seen real snow since February 2003! When she heard that there was going to be snow in the state of PA on Thursday, she could think of nothing else It did not matter that the snow would be at least an hour away.

She tried her best to talk me into driving in search of snow on Friday, but to that I did so NO! I did however agree to take her on Saturday, after all, what else would we do on a rainy "Nor'Easter" Saturday?

I was not sure where to head, but someone mentioned they heard Tobyhanna State Park had snow, so that is where our course was set! (C is home, B is Tobyhanna State Park, approx 90 miles from home)
It was rainy and about 49 degrees when we got on the turnpike. It was raining quite hard, but as we headed north, the foliage colors were getting brighter and better even through the rain.

We headed through the Lehigh Tunnel, and not too much later, the temperature was dropping closer and closer to 32! I noticed that the raindrops were getting "thicker" and suddenly, just after we noticed the temperature was 32, it was SNOWING. Tara was so excited.

Now it's hard to take pictures of the snow while you are driving, but there is one here.

We continued on and once we exited the turnpike, we stopped at McDs so Tara could get out, feel the snow and take a "bio" break. Not to self, Crocs are not good shoes for the snow. They are the only "closed" toed shoes I have (my sneakers hurt my toes, I need to find a different pair!)

Snow Smile!

The sign for the park

Footprints in the Snow

Picnic anyone?

Swinging in the Snow

If the sun would have been out (and the snow wasn't hitting the lens) this would have been a gorgeous view!
On the way home the sun actually started to come out. Those "smudges" in the photo are actually low lying clouds.


The Bertone's said...

Yay! She got to see the snow! It got down to 50 here this morning, and the kids acted like it was snowing out. I can't figure out how they survived in the snow for 5 yrs! LOL!

Rebecca said...

So happy for you and Tara! I love the photo with the snow on her hair...made me smile too. Snow is sure better than the yucky rain we had!

Yes, you do get the best mom award and sometimes that means being a little crazy. :)

Lucy the Cat said...

Oh, lucky, lucky you! I wanted to see the snow too but was too lazy to make the drive (we went to New Hope instead). You're a great mom and you took some great pics!


James said...

Ditto what Vick said, and I'll add I really enjoyed your pictures.

Menopausal New Mom said...

OMG, you must be one of the best moms ever! It makes me laugh when I think of someone actually driving to find snow. If you knew what lengths we go to up here in Canada just to get a week away from it in the Winter!


Jeannette said...

I live just north of Tobyhanna. I remember the snow, we didn't get much b/c I live in the valley near Scranton. My pastor is from Lansdale. Funny connections :)