Saturday, October 3, 2009

Freddy Hill Farm - Run for the Oreos

It's the first weekend in October, and what does that mean? Freddy Hill Fun Fest has begun! Really it doesn't get much more exciting than this, now does it? What? You have not CLUE what I am talking about? Let me tell you!

Two of our local farms in addition to dairy stores, and other attractions that bring families to their farms throughout the year, each have Fall Festivals. We got a late start to the day, so we decided to only visit one! It was also a tad bit warmer than we liked, and the ground a wee bit wet from the rain this week, so we decided to check things out and make another visit including a hay ride to the pumpkin patch another weekend!

Tara was not too happy about this, but in all my piles of pictures, I have at least one other year of her behind the scarecrow!

We decided to go into the corn maze. I was 'afraid' we would not find our way out!

At one point, I thought the only way out was UP! LOL. It was very muddy, and my flip flops kept getting stuck in the mud!

We found our way out just in time for the most fun of the day... it doesn't get much more exciting than this...

The Run for the Oreos - PIG RACE! Woo hoo! I bet you didn't do ANYTHING this exciting this weekend!
Since we were lost in the corn maze, we almost missed the race, so the only spot open along the course was at the finish. I figured I would get photos if there was a photo finish!
Heat one... they are off!

Piggy Number Three was the winner! I forget it's name. See that white bucket? It is full of oreos! Today, though they didn't seem too interested. The was the third race of the day, and the beginning of racing season!

A little smack talk at the finish line!

Race #2

Arnold... the winner! Look at the blur, he's moving so fast!

We will be heading back to Freddy Hill, hopefully when the ground has tried a bit, and the weather is a wee bit cooler!


Matty said...

What a cute storyline. I've been in those corn mazes, and let me tell you, my daughter and I DID GET LOST. We cheated and walked through the corn stalks instead of the paths, JUST TO GET OUT. LOL

Rebecca said...

Pig Races! How fun is that!?

Intense Guy said...

Oh my... Pig races AND Oreos... there can be nothing on this Earth more exciting than that!

Pig's talking smack huh? "You better move that fanny or you'll be on your way to MoPac before you know it!" "Oh Shuddup, Hatfield Scrapple wouldn't even want youse."

:) Arnold's a cutey pie. Hmm, did Tara mention she wanted to raise one in 4-H next year?

Dot O said...

Great post! I've always wanted to take the kids through a corn maze but we never did. When we used to go to Strasburg Railroad, they had one somewhere near the train track.

Your photos are gorgeous!!! Love the autumn colors!!