Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lansdale Memorial Park

I know I still owe a post on the Plain and Fancy Restaurant from out trip to Lancaster, but that will have to wait.

Today was a cloudy, then rainy day here in Lansdale. With nothing really planned to do, the weather did not matter. Tara and I decided to go for a drive, and I wanted to take some pictures, so I headed to "downtown" Lansdale's Memorial Park. This is another location in close proximity to us that my brother is remembered with his name etched in stone. If you don't recall previous posts on the subject, my brother Robin, was killed in Viet Nam, 40 years ago this past March.

It was raining and breezy (which made the rain blow off of the tree leaves as well), so we stayed just long enough to walk around the path, and stop and visit the war memorial. This memorial represents those that have been killed in both World Wars, and Viet Nam that were from the town of Lansdale. Each Memorial Day there is a ceremony held at this park after the annual parade.

Also in the park is Weaver Field that is used for baseball. It was home for one season to the Lansdale Dukes that were part of the Class D North Atlantic League in 1948. They were REALLY bad, and left town after only one season. The field is still used for other baseball leagues (I'm not into local ball, so I do not know what they different leagues are called!)

Bark of a sycamore tree... I think it looks like jungle camouflage


James said...

Nice pictures Martha.

Lizzie said...

love the pictures! sorry i wasn't following sooner, i wasn't sure which blog was the main one :) so i'll follow both, ha ha. have a great sunday!

Kelly said...

I was just checking in to let you know that Starr and friends did look for and find your brother at the memorial in DC.


They took the train to PA today and spent some time at Central Market.

I hope you have a great weekend.

georgene said...

Hello Martha, This is Gee Krause commenting on your pictures. I was happy to somehow stumble upon this site. Mike never stops thinking of Robin. We went to the wall several years ago and it was a very emotional trip. I am sure you recall that our oldest son is named after your brother. Rob is very proud to be named after your brother!