Thursday, July 24, 2014

Doylestown Area - Miles of Mules

(Updating 7.24.14)

It's been awhile since I have updated this blog or found a new mule to add to my collection of Miles of Mules photos.

Here is a little bit about the Miles of  Mules and photos of the mules that have been found out and about.

Last week Tara and I were out on one of our adventures that took us to territory totally new to us (aka we got "lost"... but are you really lost if you are on an adventure?) At one turn we found a new to us mule at the Golden Pheasant Inn in Erwinna, PA. This area is really quite beautiful along the Delaware River and Canal in Bucks County, PA. This is one place that I would love to visit again and enjoy a meal!

Here is the mule we found. Tara hopped out of the car and took the photo for me!
This mule's name is Bebe.

I am also adding the one other photo I have so all are in the same post! This one is located in Doylestown, next to the Dairy Queen.

You may remember that I mentioned Miles of Mules in my post from Sunday This was a regional art project from 2003 (just when I left PA for FL), that stretched along the Delaware and Leigh Canal Corridor. There were 170 of these mules. Many now have been sold, auctioned or from what I read stolen!

I had "discovered" three of these mules on our journey home from the movies on Sunday in the area of 611 and 313 if you are familiar with the area. I was only able to photograph one. On Tuesday we headed to Peddler's Village, and the hunt was on for any additional mules, and I hit PAY DIRT! I found the three we had seen on Sunday, and actually found three more. Five are pictured below, the sixth, I need to return to the Dairy Queen in Doylestown, as it is in front of a building right next door. I was passed it before I saw it, and didn't have time to turn around and go back. I hope in our travels this summer we might find more!
Click on the photos to see a larger view!



James said...

Very interesting. I know I've seen one of those lately but I just can't remember where.

Intense Guy said...

I was working with the FODC (Friends of the Delaware Canal) when the Mile of Mules thing started. There are several on the canal.

I hope you get to the Golden Pheasant someday!